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Micro-farming: A Decentralised Approach To Improving Food Security

In every industry, humankind keeps pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The realm of agriculture is no exception. When we think of farming, we probably view it as a rural activity often conducted on multiple acres of land by specialists who have dedicated their focus to profitably growing food for others.  The notion of […]

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Stemming The Harbingers Of Climate Change

Al Gore must be oscillating between glee and gloom. Glee that his prognostications about climate change have largely been vindicated, and gloom that his prognostications about climate change have largely been vindicated. When his book and documentary An Inconvenient Truth came out in 2006, he was viewed as everything from a well-meaning but false alarmist to a […]

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Using Railways to Enhance Nigeria’s Corridors of Commerce

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a developing nation in possession of a large population must be in want of a robust transport system. (Forgive me Jane Austen). There’s at least one concerted-effort activity that every free, hale and hearty Nigerian does every day and that is, move. From home to school, to the […]

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Overcoming Nigeria’s Water And Sanitation Challenges

In an era that is witnessing the resurgence of Ebola and other contagious haemorrhagic viral diseases, having access to running water may well be considered a national security issue. Adequate water supply is a problem that faces most of us every day, almost regardless of income bracket. If you live in a rural area, you […]

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Imperatives of reforming the Land Use Act

As state governors desperately look for ways to boost their internally generated revenue base, here’s a radical idea for them: Use whatever influence you have at the federal level to push for the removal of the Land Use Act from the constitution, then proactively support those working on getting that piece of legislation reformed, and […]

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Maximising Nigeria’s Greatest Natural Resource

There is a lot of talk about “inclusive capitalism” and “inclusive growth” these days. That’s all well and good but in addition to these, what we need is an “inclusive government”. A government that includes capable, honest citizens based on merit irrespective of gender. There is a positive correlation between gender equality and economic growth. […]

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